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Just for you

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Adding altars to areas of your work and home environment that you can see on a daily basis can bring so much joy and relief to your life… not to mention how the “real” life manipulation of alters is a great way to involve children in the process, open doors of communication and bring gratitude and a sense of personal responsibility to your world. As you go through the process of creating a new life in the midst of an “ending” altars can express in real time what is happening.

Altar: Daily honoring of what is…

Setting up an altar in a fairly public place in your home is an amazing way to bring the sacred to the moments when you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with what is.

In my home I have an altar space near my bed. I see it when I wake and when I go to sleep. It is a combination of candles, precious only to me finds…, pictures, drawings, stones, flowers… whatever turns me on… it is a living breathing thing!

It offers me daily guidance by putting me in touch with the now of my life. The good and the not so good. (but I would question the not so good part). The altar also changes when it needs to… when I need it to. It is a daily reflection and a place to pause, have faith and let go.

I highly recommend creating a sacred space in your home for reflection, empowerment and inspiration.

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