Fire, water, earth, air- elements that can be used to develop rituals that resonate with you, your family and your life.


Fire is a powerful tool in ritual and ceremony. I’m not onto something new here – fire has been used for eons in many cultures around the world; Native American, Mayan, Hindu… You can easily google many ceremonies to follow – the one below is just a sample for one I put together for a young woman ending her first love relationship and wanting to reconnect with her family.

You will need an offering for the fire, a pen and paper…

  • Best to begin by being safe with fire – like don’t burn the house down. In this ceremony we had access to a backyard area and used a fire pit.
  • Then once you have a pretty good fire going begin the ritual with the offer of something aromatic like a spice or sage. This is the opening so encouraged to really sit with this beginning and just let what arises happen.
  • Bring something to burn that represents how you are feeling about your family and what is happening with it and with you.  No rules here really – just don’t burn your hand!
  • Then for good measure use this moment to surrender to the fire everything that you would like to let go. If you would like aspects of your family to change – how you feel and react, hold on to this feeling here and then as you hold your family in your thoughts write down the names of the family members on a piece of paper and give that to the fire.
  • Put everything into the fire – not all of your stuff – just all of the emotional shit you hang on to – to hold on to what is.
  • Repeat this statement if it works for you:
    “I, (name), release myself from any feelings that are not in alignment with my best true nature. In this moment I allow the fire to take all of it… and renew my relationship with myself and my family – in whatever form it takes.”

Then celebrate. It is really that simple. Just show up – light a fire (safely) and burn it all away…

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