Kids 0-8

Kids 0-8

When your still little and time, reading and family structure are still elusive ceremonies and ritual are very important tools to help you feel safe and secure. If your divorce is in process or if you have been divorced for years it doesn’t matter. You can always bring ritual into your small childs world.

In most child custody arrangements (again not all) the child goes back and forth between homes. When the children are young it is tough to get a sense of when it is a Daddy night or a Mommy night. Using blocks to help your young children know what is next so they can feel safe and secure in this new world of parents living in separate homes is an amazing way to communicate with kindness “now and next”.


1) 2 sets of 7 blocks – get a set of whiteboard blocks, wood blocks or anything kinda like that.

2) Take the blocks and use pens, stickers – whatever your young child is into to decorate the blocks.

3) Then take a few sides and make them “Mommy” sides and “Daddy” sides.

4) Arrange the blocks next to the place your sweet child sleeps in the order of what night they are at “Mommy” and “Daddy’s” house.

5) Your child only has to look at the blocks to know what is “now” and what is “next”.

This is called “ritual in action”. An ongoing ritual that you can use until your child grows out of it. It is also a way they can and will communicate needs and the feeling of missing a parent. Your child can communicate to you what they desire for “now” and “next” with the blocks.  And then you can talk with your co-parent to support as needed.




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